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MD. Selim

One of the founders of our center MD Selim Mugrabi was born in 1970 in Iskenderun. In 1993, he graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine.

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Patient Reviews

  • Hello I had a cyst on my foot. The physician who diagnosed me first said, “You can be disabled, I cannot guarantee”. After discussing a few references, I decided to be examined by Mr. Selim. My previous doctor was said, “You may need a few surgeries”. Mr. Selim said “We can recover it with one surgery; If the cyst is small in 3 months, if the cyst is large, if I get cartilage from the knee, you will return to normal life in 6 months”. Both he and his team were excellent. They don’t even forget a slightest detail. Thank you very much. Gülsüm K.
  • I had a Morton’s neuroma disorder in my foot. I’ve had four surgeries before, but my complaints are not over. When I came to Mr. Selim, I was told that I had to have an operation again and Mr. Selim operated on me this time. After the operation on February 23, except for minor pains I have encountered no problems. When I needed it, Mr. Selim listened to me with patience and smile, and helped to relieve my pain. After the surgery, their call to ask my situation shows that they do this job with giving importance to human health and with a mentality that values humanity, not by trading purposes. I would like to thank my doctor Selim Muğrabi and his team. Meltem Cengiz
  • Firstly hello to all, the reason I write this article is to thank my doctor and help other people. I had pain under my foot near my heel. Although I went to a lot of doctors, I didn’t get any results and my pain increased day by day. I could no longer walk, this process took 4 years and I could not find a solution. As a result of my research, I found Selim Muğrabi and it was the turning point of my life to be examined by him. Mr. Selim is very experienced in his business and his field.  After the examination, he said that the pain is caused by flatfoot and my pain will end with surgery. I decided to have an operation with confidence in my doctor and had a successful operation. In a short time, I was free of the pain which I had suffered for years. I would like to thank Mr. Selim and his team very much. Fatih Kot